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There are a plethora of websites on monarch butterflies -- this site does not attempt to do better what they already do very well, but simply to provide an easier gateway to those resources.

By planting milkweed and nectar sources, especially native plants to your region, you are literally saving all kinds of species. Start with the monarch butterfly, and soon you'll have a bona fide wildlife refuge -- even if that refuge is a few pots on the front step, a small rain garden, or an entire suburban lot. Milkweed saves lives.

We have vilified milkweed like we once vilified women who knew the healing properties of plants (they were called witches), so to deny the health and well being of this world is to deny our own. Planting milkweed is a forceful act of defiance and hope. Milk the weed.

MILK the WEED comes to you from eastern Nebraska. 
Here, native milkweed species include:

 A. speciosa
A. syriaca
A. incarnata*
A. tuberosa
A. purpurascens
A. sullivanttii* 

* denotes the monarch-preferred milkweed in this gardener's backyard
and are species that do not spread aggressively


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